The water from the ninth heaven

Agua Nº9 comes from a glacier formed in the Quaternary Era, located in northern Europe, in the Ilowo-Osada Lake area in the Mazurian region. More than half of the area called Oak Mountain belongs to a protected forest reserve of 160 hectares.

These postglacial regions are very rich in aquifers. The sands, gravels and clays create a protective layer under which there are reserves of groundwater and here is where Agua Nº9 is extracted from.

Agua Nº9 is water of very high purity that is extracted from 67 meters of depth, preserving all its components without being altered by external agents. After a filtering process, it is packaged for Agua Nº9 in the most original, ecological, different and attractive way we have known so far.



Water is Art

Agua Nº9 was designed not only to work with our bodies, but was also carefully selected to savor an ancestral experience. Everything flows and is extraordinary.

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