The Revolution begins

By 2050 there will be more plastic in the oceans than fish! This is alarming and we from Agua Nº9 want to make a positive contribution by promoting reusable packaging.

On the outside, a revolutionary aluminum bottle that you can fill and refill as many times as you want. And on the inside, water from the Sierra de Cazorla; according to WHO, the best water in the world. Our water is of the highest levels of purity and is filtered by nature itself in the quaternary rocks of one of the largest biosphere reserves in Europe.
This is Water Nº9 today.

We are working on some final details so you can discover and experience the new Water Nº9. Available soon in our e-shop.

Together we can reduce the environmental impact.



Water is Art

Agua Nº9 was designed not only to work with our bodies, but was also carefully selected to savor an ancestral experience. Everything flows and is extraordinary.

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