-the greatness of nature in a transparent can-

Today, we want to talk about our product in more detail and tell you some interesting facts that will surely surprise you.

Agua Nº9 is water of very high purity; it has an excellent and balanced composition. We extract it from a water reserve that lies more than 67 meters deep, thus preserving all its components without being altered by microorganisms from the outside.

It comes from a glacier formed in the Quaternary Era, located in northern Europe, in the Ilowo-Osada Lake area in the Mazury region, where more than half of the area called Oak Mountain belongs to a protected forest reserve of 160 hectares.

Its original packaging has revolutionized the Spanish market, being the first drink packaged in a transparent pet can. Transparent like water.

Why drink Agua Nº9?

For us, the number nine represents perfection, the ninth heaven where everything flows naturally. These are the nine properties of Agua Nº9:

1. Artesian, underground subtraction.
2. Of very high purity.
3. Low mineralization.
4. Low in sodium.
5. Rich in calcium..
6. Rich in magnesium.
7. Rich in bicarbonates.
8. Neutral PH..
9. Extraordinarily good for over 150 million years.

–everything flows and that is extraordinary –